An Introduction to the World of Cannabis Seeds

Thinking of starting your own garden or maybe growing marijuana indoor? On our website, you can find the information to help you started with your new project or advance your skills in the growing marijuana industry. In order to ensure successful grow, the first thing is to gain some knowledge about marijuana seeds in general. One of the great sources of cannabis seeds is SeedSupreme.

A seed is a plant in its embryonic stage – a little baby plant which will grow into a beautiful and “flowerful” cannabis plant. Before planting the seed, there is a necessary step called germination. Germination is a process when the seed become fully hydrated. The enzymes become active and ready to grow once the hydration is successful. A wet towel is a good source of hydration. The seeds can be placed on the top of a warm surface and the towel will supply the moisture the seed so the root can break through the hard exterior shell.

The seeds occur and grow in two sexes. Male and female plants are growing so the male plants fertilize the female and create seeds for the next generation of plants. One of the inventions of today’s marijuana industry is the feminized marijuana seeds. Where the male pollen from a hermaphroditic plant is taken to fertilize the female flower. This process guarantees only the grow of female or hermaphroditic plants in your garden. This is very useful for the overall effectivity of your gardening. The reason is simple. Male plants don’t produce any cannabinoid-rich flowers which are the most desirable yields of the plant.

There is a wide variety of cannabis seeds available on the market. Be sure to check the law in the State of a potential growing facility or a personal garden. Some states legalize the sale of weed seeds for medical purposes only and some state still classify them as an illegal commodity. It’s a good practice to purchase your first marijuana seeds at your local dispensary. The reason simple, you can ask for an advice on which seeds should you purchase taking in consideration your climate and environment you planning to grow your marijuana. The form of storage of your seeds is another good question to ask. An airtight container is a great storage space. Inside a cool, dry and dark area is the place where you should store your precious cannabis seeds to ensure the highest quality once pulling them out and planting them into prepared, high nutritional soil.

The next step is to decide how you going to set up your future garden. Is it going to be an outdoor or indoor space? Exposed or hidden? And many other questions will come along this relatively long but very rewarding process of growing your own marijuana plants.

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