Commonly Faced problems:

  • If you identify any change of color or spotted leaves then don’t be disturbed since it is a normal occurring because old leaves become yellowish or brownish before then die. This is the sign of your plant maturing.
  • It is completely normal if your plant’s leaves turn yellow prior to harvesting because this occurs when the plants pull out nitrogen from leaves and transfer it to the mature buds.
  • If you feel bad or rotten sort of smell around your plants, then this is an indication of bacterial accumulation, rotting or mold. You need to find the source of the smell and eradicate it. However, at the final stages of flowering, this kind of smell is normal.
  • Please keep a check on mold on the leaves and buds and if you find something that resembles a white powder then this is the initial sign of mold.
  • If your plant grows slowly, this is an indication of unhealthy plants.
  • If you feel that the plants have grown taller but there is too much space between nodes instead of it getting bushy then you might need to provide more light because this occurs due to lack of the sunshine or lighting.