There are many methods of pruning marijuana. The super cropping method is the best one. It is highly efficient and can deliver excellent results. In addition, super cropping is an easy method too. This is not like the pure pruning where you snip off some parts of the plants. It involves stressing your plants to increase yields. The main aim of pruning using this technique is to make the number of tops produce a higher yield.

By employing the super cropping method, you aim to push the lower growth higher as well as wider. This enables you to make use of the growth hormone, auxins. You can make them detour from the growing tips to the other areas. This can help in a maximization of the growth. The best part of this method is that you can carry out the same on any plant apart from the outhouse. You can also do the pruning on multiple occasions.

One of the important effects of the super crop system is that you can allow the nutrients present in the plant to work more efficiently. This can increase the productivity of the plants even from the least productive areas. This technique gives the plant a robust and bushier look. You can have greater achievements. Marijuana growers should adopt this method to improve yields.

Super cropping of marijuana:

You should know that the reaction of the plants to super cropping remains the same. Hence, before starting on the entire plant, you should try out and a few branches initially. In case the results are satisfactory, you can continue with the entire plant. If not, you should fall back on other pruning methods. However, super cropping has several benefits as far as marijuana is concerned.

The main aim of this technique is to make the marijuana plant think that it does not have a top. You should aim for expansion of the lower growth. This will enable these areas to take the place of some branches at the top. You do not special tools for super cropping. Your hands are enough. It is a very simple process even for beginners.

You should start with such plants that are ready for super cropping. As a rule, any plant past the seedling stage is ready for super cropping. Any plant aged between 3 weeks and 4 weeks is suited for super cropping. You can perform the activity and reap the benefits too.

Once you identify the plants, the next step involves the picking of a specific point where you can create the imaginary horizontal line. You can call it the ‘damage’. It is usually near the plant’s first and third node sets. The main factor is how you pick the spaced out plants. There are other factors too. Each area below the horizontal line will be able to get the nutrients at a faster rate.

Once you have selected the horizontal line, you should make use of your thumb and finger to squeeze the particular location. You should do this procedure in every branch of the plant. You must ensure that the plant is capable of withstanding the pressure. You should ensure to do this squeezing at a uniform point at an angle of 90 degrees. In doing so, the tops should fold down. You should take care not to break the plant. The plant should be able to regain the vertical posture within a few hours. This can help you get the maximum out of the super cropping.

You can observe that over a period, the broken area of the plant will start to heal. Hence, you should ensure not to snap off the branch in its entirety. You should only bend the branch to flip it over. Pruning is an essential activity to reap the benefits in future.