We shall demonstrate how to make a box where you can germinate and clone weed. There are three separate levels in the box with each level having its own climate. You can use the first level for germinating the plants. You can grow the seedlings in the second level. You should use the third level for vegetating and growing a few mother plants. You should ensure to install three items in the box. They are lights, thermo/hydrometers, and exhaust fans. You should use Mylar foil for reflecting more light.

You can expect my system to be clandestine. After all I should not allow anyone know that, I am growing weeds. Hence, I should be locking it in one of the office cabinets. I have to ensure to block all light and air. I shall list out the required items at the end of the article.

I have a challenging task on hand. I need to grow hundreds of weeds on a weekly basis. You can build a germination box in many ways. You can follow the following steps to make one.

  • Select an adequate closet:


Actually, any closet will do for making clones and germinating seeds. The important area of concern is the location of the cabinet. It should be away from the prying eyes of the people. It should be in a secure location. You can buy such boxes online.


  • Proper ventilation:


CFL lamps produce less heat than incandescent bulbs. Hence, you should use these lamps. You can maintain small distance between the plants and the lamp. However, a 750-watt CFL can still heat up the closet. You can install an exhaust fan to eliminate the hot air. The exhaust fan can also ensure the unending supply of fresh CO2 from outside.


You should note that marijuana has a pungent smell. Hence, you should attach a carbon filter to the exhaust fan. This creates a vacuum inside the closet ensuring that the air inside does not escape. The air coming out from the closet has to pass through the filter. This can cause the heat to rise. Hence, you should create a hole at the top of the closet.


  • Use a reflective foil in the wall:


You should ensure maximum light inside the closet. Placing a reflective foil on the sidewalls of the closet can increase the reflection of light. Mylar foil is the best. This has many benefits. Light cannot escape outside. Moreover, the plants will get light from all sides. You should consider spraying water on the foils to reduce the humidity.


  • Divide the closet into three levels:


The top space is for germination. You do not require light here. However, temperature has to be constant. At the middle level, you grow the clones. You can grow up to 300 clones here. The bottom level is for the mother plants. There should be maximum space at this level.


  • Make holes for the light:


You should be able to distribute adequate light among the smaller plants. You can mount a light on the shelf just above it. You should be able to adjust the difference. You should take out the electric wire via the air hole. You should ensure that water and electricity does not mix inside the closet


  • Camouflage:


You can use normal items to camouflage the set up to avoid any suspicion. You can use other plants or books to cover the area.


You are almost done. With this setup you can grow around 200 marijuana plants and create about 200 clones weekly as well.