How to Clean Your Harvesting and Trimming Machines & the Best Products to Maintain Them

Harvesting and trimming cannabis is a long and stressful process. It takes time and effort. It requires personal attention and expertise. It is harder to sustain in larger quantity as well.

But it has been easier with harvesting tools and trimming machines. Quality equipment can save your time, maximize good results, increase productivity, lessen unnecessary expenses, or give you the best experience.

But as with other household items, harvesting and trimming equipment might lose its durability, functionality, or performance over time. This is where regular cleaning or extensive maintenance can come into play. Of course, some would hire a specialist. But other users handle the task themselves. Not only are they aware of the process, but they can also save some cash in the long run.

Cleaning harvesting and trimming machines can be fun and difficult. It requires prior knowledge and commitment to get the job done right the first time. Perhaps, you have the skills to maintain your cannabis tools. Maybe, you have tried to clean the same equipment before. Then, today’s situation is different. With the variety of cleaning solutions online, it’s confusing to determine the best option.

As an inexperienced consumer, you might not know how to choose a safe and quality brand. You might also be tempted to use solvent cleaners, which can be hazardous and toxic. They usually contain harmful ingredients that can lead to a range of health hazards.

Some components in solvent cleaners can cause severe throat, eye and skin irritation. This is especially true when you come into direct contact with the chemicals. Long-term exposure can cause nerve damage, types of cancers, and skin problems to name a few.

The most common ingredients for solvent cleaners can include Toluene, Acetone, Kerosene, Diesel, MEK, Trichloroethylene, Caustics, Bacteria, and Butyl Cellosolve.

Trichloroethylene, for example, is a toxic chemical considered as a mutagen or carcinogen. Inhalation of vapor can cause immediate dizziness, confusion, unconsciousness, headache, and nausea. Contact to the skin can also result in swelling and redness.

Caustics, on the other hand, are corrosive. It can even be devastating to humans especially if high concentrations are splashed into eyes or onto the skin. It can cause blindness, chemical burns, or internal injuries.

Waterpipe Cleaning Solution: Topnotch and Natural Alternative

So, what are the other excellent alternatives out there? BongFresh Waterpipe Cleaning Solution is a safe, effective, and potent product to add to cart. Designed for dab rigs and shishas, Waterpipe Cleaning Solution composes of natural and original plant components. Able to remove the buildup of water stains, it does not pose any danger.

Waterpipe Cleaning Solution is scent free, non-toxic to aquatic life, super concentrated, readily biodegradable, and gentle to the skin. Serves as a high-performance cleaner, it goes beyond EcoLogo requirements.

While solvent cleaners compose of trichloroethylene and Trichloroethylene, Waterpipe Cleaning Solution is packed with water, soybean ester, orange food coloring, food grade citric acid, food grade potassium sorbate and food grade sodium citrate.

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