Start Growing Marijuana In Your Home

The first step in setting up personal cannabis grow box is to create suitable space which will be utilized for growing purposes. It’s important to take into consideration some important facts. In this article, we are going to focus on a small in-house growing set-up idea. The first and foremost important question to ask is; Is growing marijuana for a personal use in your state legal? If yes, you are the lucky one and can start with your personal grower room. If not, you should consider moving to the state where people use their common sense and legalized marijuana or try to make your own grower set up in the darkness of your home and don’t you ever tell to anyone about it! The challenges with a stealth operation are the high consumption of electricity and smell if you renting a property. If you have your own house or use grandma’s greenhouse, your chances of getting caught are much lower. Well, soon no one will care anyways since the legalization is unstoppable and State by State pushing the prohibition to the history books.


Let’s decide how many plants would you like to grow and willing to take care of. For the beginners, 5 to 15 plants would be a reasonable amount to keep up with your day job and you “green” hobby. On this page, you can find a step by step guide how to grow marijuana indoors. Don’t get too overwhelmed with the whole operation. Start slowly and small, you can always add plants and equipment to expand your production once you figure out the basic set up and the process of carrying, growing and harvesting. I highly recommend getting educated first. There are many books and videos out there to learn how to grow. If you serious about your new hobby, you should consider a marijuana certification which would help you I the future to master your skills and possibly enter the growing marijuana job market.

To start your operation, check around the internet and look for a quality equipment and a good quality seeds. Seeds are expensive, so always go with a trusted retailer and check out what deals you can find like these at True North Seedbank. If you are not completely confident with setting up your own grow room, alternative solutions are available. A good set up will be one of your most expensive outlays so it is very much worth the cost, I, however, would go and find a grow box coupon before purchasing.

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