The most popular ways to package cannabis

Marijuana distribution in baggies is no longer a viable option. There are several legal cannabis products on the market, including oils, flowers, edibles, and more. It’s critical that you consider how you’ll package them.

Packaging keeps your products fresh, provides essential information, and provides wonderful branding opportunities. The legal cannabis industry is rapidly growing at a dizzying speed. Total legal cannabis sales for medical and recreational uses are estimated to hit $35 billion by 2025, according to studies.

The cannabis packaging industry is expanding as well, with a projected value of $101.48 billion by 2020. It is estimated to reach $297.51 billion by 2026.

Regardless of the products you sell, there are a variety of ways to store cannabis. Here are six of the most popular meth.

Methods of Packaging Cannabis


  • Child Resistant Jars and Bottles

Because the items are wrapped in glass, customers can see them before they open the item. This is particularly true when it comes to cannabis flowers and leaves.

Using child-resistant jars or cannabis packaging with see-through glass will emphasize them because they are the most easily recognizable parts of the plant. Chemicals may also be found in the flowers and leaves, which each have their own flavor and scent depending on the strain. You should package things in sealed containers to provide the optimum customer experience.

Glass has a reputation for being impervious to a wide range of chemicals. This prevents THC and other active compounds from leaking into the packaging.

  • Resealable Containers

Cannabis has to be packaged in a way that keeps it dry and protected from the sun because it is a dried plant product. As a result, its herbal properties are kept.

Use opaque resealable cannabis packaging, similar to that used for herbal teas. Several jurisdictions require childproof sealing for exporting leaves and flowers. Examples include locking screw caps, plastic slides, and any other seal that locks.

  • Silicon Jars

Silicon jars are perfect for cannabis concentrates like wax because of their nonstick properties. This allows the buyer to extract every last drop of goods from the container, resulting in less waste.

Cannabis and CBD container will be made of medical-grade silicon. This means that, unlike traditional plastic, no chemicals are leached. High-quality cannabis strains can also be stored in these containers.

  • Tin Containers

Customers can view the items through the tin container thanks to a clear plastic glass. Moisture and sunlight are kept out by solid lids, keeping the items fresh and secure.

Vacuum seal these containers using shrink wrap to maintain product quality. Clear tops are great for displaying your products. They allow a budtender to open a container so that customers may smell it before making a purchase.

  • Plastic Vials

Single cannabis cigarettes, as well as tiny quantities of cannabis flowers and leaves, can be packaged in plastic vials. Many of these cannabis packing vials include child-resistant lids that open by pressing down and rotating, similar to how prescription medicine bottles are opened.

As a result, these vials are also suitable for medicinal cannabis products. They’re also simple to identify.

  • Mylar Bags

Mylar (plastic) bags are commonly used for packaging food and organic products. They are perfect for cannabis and CBD packaging since they can contain a lot of items and are easy to recognize. Instead of utilizing completely clear bags, wrap your things in opaque bags with plastic windows.

This is critical because you do not want to draw any comparisons to the days when cannabis was illegally provided in plastic baggies. Customers can still view the product through clear plastic windows in Mylar bags, which gives it a professional appearance.


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